Extra virgin olive oil infused by oregano aromas 100ml

Extra virgin olive oil infused by oregano aromas 100ml

Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή έκπτωσης
Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή μονάδας
Ο φόρος συμπεριλαμβάνεται.

Oregano taste olive oil condiment by the combination oregano aroma naturally infused and extra virgin olive oil.

Dress special your greek salad, served as a dip with bread and cheese.

Our products can satisfy people who
are wish for plenty of extra virgin olive oil for the homeuse.

Choosing an extra virgin olive oil is like choosing a wine, it should match with the food.

Extra virgin olive oils are comes with different aromas and taste.

Aromas from green tomato, fresh grass, wild herbs and fresh fruits are only some of them you can recognize by tasting extra virgin olive oils. Few drops from a delicate olive oil from medium or strong intensity can transform your meal into a delightful experience with high gastronomic value.

Single producer
Single estate
Product designation of origin
Unique cultivation characteristics
Specific terroir
Strict rules in the quality that comes always
freshly cropeed olive oil.

The olive oil is harvested and bottled at source at the Olive Estates of Patima region in the Island of Crete, Greece. The Olive Groves of Kournas are located in the area around Kournas lake.

Olive oil go beyond a simple agricultural product to being a key ingredient in the life, culture and cuisine of the region. The fruity aroma in this extra virgin olive oil is due to the microclimate "Tsunati olive variety” cultivated at the foothills of White mountains in prefecture of Chania.

Olive oil produced from Kournas Olive Yard. Mild pepperly with a characteristics taste of Tsounati olive tree. A variety that is cultivated for centuries at the foothills of the White Mountains "Leyka Ori" of Crete.
Citrus aromas dominate with wild herbs and a nutty aftertaste lightly butterly" 
Gastronomic proposal, use raw on fresh salads, pastas, fish and vegetable soups.
Add some 2-3 soup spoons and enjoy in almost every meal.

Homemade product with pure and natural ingredients.

Glass bottle.

Cottage industry