Alexakis family

Welcome to Pelagia’s yard, a local traditional shop which emphasizes in selling homemade Cretan products with great quality.  

All our products are sent through fast courier services in every EU country. Our shipping policy is safe and guarantees a shipment worth of paying. You can review our policy here.

We provide many kinds of fresh original Cretan products, such as balsamic vinegar, natural and very delicious oranges from our field, and honey. We have the specialty to produce a very natural thyme honey as well as honey with the taste of carob syrup. Of course, we provide balsamic vinegar with thyme honey, a very famous and well-used complement for salads in Greece. 

Another famous and well-known in local shops in Chania, the city we have our shop, is Alexa’s raki, or as we call it “Tsikoudia of Crete”. It is a traditional drink, a very attractive drink for drink lovers all around the world. Furthermore, we sell ouzo, which is produced and marked from our father. Ouzo is so good, that people have figure it as a sight of our culture. Both Tsikoudia and ouzo have a unique taste and are different than other European drinks for sure.

We have a great stock of olive oil, Patima. It is an extra virgin olive oil that we produce around Kourna’s lake. It is tasteful, and you can use it everywhere. From salads and meals, to cakes and sweets.

We have a great collection of wines, local varieties from organic cultivations. Products from Carob. Also, we sell an excellent sea salt and wild herbs of Crete.

In our shop, we have a variety of homemade, everyday dishes that satisfy every taste. Our shop is a family business, and therefore we try our best to keep it simple but full of taste. We focus on every customer that comes in and we make sure that he will leave fully satisfied. 

We would love to meet you, introduce you to our products and make sure that you will have a great, unforgettable memories with us.