What Is Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

Why Choose Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

Olives must be pressed by using the “cold pressing” method as soon as possible (within the same day) after they are collected in order for the antioxidants and natural fruit flavors in the olives to be preserved in olive oil as well.

Cold pressed olive oil is obtained by pressing the olives below 27 ˚C.
The best quality, tastiest and healthiest olive oil is obtained by using the cold pressing method.

Cold pressed olive oil is today the best quality olive oil in terms of polyphenol values.
When you smell good cold-pressed olive oil, you can smell a delicious olive mixed with different fruit flavors. When it is tasted, a pleasant pungency is sensed owing to the antioxidants contained.

Since olives are not exposed to heat and water during cold pressing, the olive oil produced is flawless and has higher nutritional value.

Demand for cold pressed olive oil has started to increase as the consumer becomes more conscious in the world.

Cold pressed olive oils are especially ideal for cold use.

Cold pressed olive oil is not a luxury or a privilege, it is an indispensable part of production for “Real Olive Oil”.